Ošterija Žogica

Žogica first started as a pizzeria and spaghetteria. Today it is known near and far as a good, wait, not just good, excellent tavern.

Food is savoury and easily digestible, because it is homelike. It is prepared per old recipes from the littoral region. The baker’s oven gives off a particularly pleasant scent. And if the exquisite flavours are accompanied by the right wine, you will be sure to keep coming back to us. We are the right place for every bon vivant and man of pleasure, good food and drink.

We are located at a place with rich past, not far from the famous bridge of Solkan, where emerald Soča river made its way between two hills: Sabotin and Sveta gora, at the gateway to the beautiful valley of Soća river, the right place for every friend of nature, culture, sport and true adrenaline challenges.


You can replenish your energy for afternoon with a snack or a lunch, also vegetarian, every day. In the warm period we serve under an awning, otherwise in rustically decorated tavern. The menu remains a secret to the last minutes, even for the chef.

Solkan’s radicchio

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What about the wine?

Novelty for all the precious drinks admirers is enriched wine list that offers all the best wines for every taste from Goriška Brda, Vipava, Kras and Koper wine regions. If you are in doubt when selecting the right wine and you want to match the taste of food with wine so they harmonically blend together, you can consult with sommelier.

»100 years of military billy can«

Osteria Žogica’s family restaurant takes you through the authentic experience of “100 years of military Billy can”.

The experience takes place on the first battle line of the Isonzo Front between two hills, Sabotin and Sveta Gora, along the Soča River and under the stone giant, “The Solkan bridge”.

Quarterly menu

We’re constantly adding new, special and different quarterly menus to our offer which bring out time and local touch.

Soška cesta 52, 5250 Solkan

(0)5 300 52 40 | info@zogica.com